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About Us

Lui clothing is a womenswear fashion design label in the eastern part of Nigeria, the brand style which infuses bold silhouette, prints,patterns and a modern twist to contemporary, dynamic and timeless aesthetics to produce dresses, from day to evening wears, work outfits and bespoke services that bridges the gap for elegance, trendy and creativity in the fashion industry. This made the brand a unique and successful one both on national and international level.

Lui is known for challenging the style norms one outfit at a time, from inclusivity of all sizes, to creative reconstructions through her unique design process and diversity, she continuously defy and reshape the fashion industry unapologetically. The Lui woman is strong, elegant and has an edge about her when she steps into a place. She is usually captivating and yet very confident.

Lui has had the opportunity to grace a few fashion shows in the east, styled and worked with a lot of photographers in the industry.

In February 2015, Lui clothing was born and in February 2016 she launched her first ready to wear collection name ‘Urbane by Lui’. In 2017 she launched her SS17 ‘Unbothered’ collection and in November 2017, her SS18 ‘Resilience’. A typical collection tells the story of the Lui woman in different dimensions. It expresses the, strength, power and presence of a woman through our purely African with a contemporary twist mantra. Every Lui piece is 100% Made in Nigeria.

Every Lui piece is designed firstly for the comfort of the Lui woman, then to complement her style.